Care N Assist doesn’t use gimmicks or slick packages to get people to spend money. We charge a flat rate per hour for services. Our rates remain the same regardless of the length of the shift or if the shift is on a weekend. Simple and straightforward billing is something we offer because our clients and/or their loved ones don’t need billing confusion to be added to their list of burdens.

It is common right now to call one of the franchised In Home Care companies and get a list of pricing that would confuse an accountant. I recently saw a flyer advertising a package of services that was designed to make it hard to compare their pricing to the other competition in town. I am frustrated with these sales tactics. I recognize the reasons they are being used, but I don’t like the burden it puts on our clients who already have difficulty managing their affairs.

In Michigan, the average In Home Care company charges are difficult to calculate due to all of the special rates. The lowest rate I have heard is $17 per hour and the highest I have heard is $35 per hour. Genworth Insurance did a study in 2015 that showed the median rate was $20 per hour in that year. The 2017 Home Care Pulse Benchmarking study breaks averages down by shift length showing average rates to be from $21.50 – $28.00 per hour in 2016.

When we started in 2005, we charged our first client $10 per hour. My strongest influence when deciding our rate was affordability. It seemed to me that most companies in business at that time were overcharging their clients. I was naive to the costs of training, insurances, and taxes. As our company grew, We had to make a conscious decision to value our employees; this meant increasing their pay rate and raising our client rates.

Amazingly, as our rates have risen to become standardized compared to most other companies, we have been given greater opportunities. Potential referral sources and clients alike began to view us as being more professional. Of course, our Elite Standards have not changed, but we are now being recognized as the Elite In Home Care and we continue to grow in each of our offices daily.

Today, I believe our rate is both fair to my employees and a great value to our clients. We are not the cheapest company to hire or the most expensive. We are built on a customer service culture and an age friendly business model. Our flat rate is just one way we demonstrate how much we care about our clients.

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