Hi, my name is Justin Lorencz and I have just finished a five-month internship with Care N Assist.  My experience was very encouraging as a business student.  As an intern I find it hard to choose what to write this article about, because I have had so many amazing experiences with Care N Assist. 

I could talk about funny situations that happened like the day I broke the stamping tool, or I could talk about the incredible marketing situations that were so new to me. They made me learn to interact with people beyond surface level conversation. For example, “You need to be more talkative” is a comment that I received from Sue during my first week as an intern. Talk about a red face…..  

However, with experience, knowledge seems to come here and there. I have learned that all of these experiences are minor compared to the big questions that everyone seems to ask; “What makes Care N Assist different from everyone else,” and “Why should I choose Care N Assist?” They have written articles to answer these very questions as well as informing inquiring minds on a daily basis about who we are.  As an intern I have seen the “behind-the-scenes action” of the business and have begun to realize the importance of this question everyone keeps asking. 

From an intern’s perspective I would like to tell you why I believe in Care N Assist and what makes them different from everyone else.  When you begin to spend time around the office and the people who make Care N Assist run you will more than likely hear the following quotes: “Your Home Is Where We Care”, “Achieving a Healthy Lifestyle at Home”, “Our Goal is to Help People Stay Home” and my personal favorite, “A Good Attitude is Contagious”. 

When people ask what makes Care N Assist different, the answer I heard over and over is Leadership. What makes the leadership at Care N Assist so different from everyone else’s? Every company or business has some form of leadership whether it is strong or not.  Leadership comes from the heart of one person who spends the time building a “caring” and “trustworthy” reputation; a person who spends their life making choices and sacrifices to do the “right” thing.  Most of all a person who puts God, morals, values, ethics and others before any decision, whether in life or business.  After that, it is almost impossible for that type of leadership to not become contagious to the people who are watching.

 As an intern for Care N Assist I watched Dan Story, the CEO/Owner of Care N Assist, make these choices every day.  Never once did I hear him say “How can we make more money?” or “How can we better prosper from this transaction?”  It was always “How can we help this person stay home?” or “How can we show them we care?”.  When hard situations came up in the office Dan was always calm and positive, never did he get frustrated and react negatively.  The other administrators see this and learn positive leadership qualities.  I saw Dan constantly reading books and listening to CDs about leadership and how he can become a better leader.  Being able to work for someone who wants to consistently invest in their abilities to teach, lead and become a better boss makes for positive relationships and great work environments. 

Care N Assist wants to help people achieve a healthy lifestyle at home.  I know this because the people behind the company’s name are great leaders and behind those leaders there is one great leader who cares about his people. Image