On an average day at an Adult Day Center you will see people eating lunch, playing games, doing simple exercises and socializing. The average age for our center is 72 years young. An average client is very functional, but has dementia and they shouldn’t be left home alone when their caregiver needs to go out for work or stays in for respite time.

Memory problems like being forgetful, having poor judgment, confusion, or disorientation to day and/or time can easily be managed by giving a person a routine at an Adult Day Center.

Caregivers of clients with memory trouble often feel guilty taking time for themselves. This idea is natural, but I would like to reinforce the idea that caregivers need to take care of themselves, if they want to be successful taking care of their loved one.

Statistically caregivers often become ill or fight with depression due to their responsibilities. Clients can show improvement with appetite and activity when they are consistently using Adult Day Center services.

We had a clients daughter comment, “I haven’t seen her eat such good lunches in better than a year.” The client said, “I come for the coffee.”

The “Best Friends” approach used by our staff helps our clients to feel secure when they are often feeling disoriented or confused. We nurture healthy activities and therapeutic socialization. Our clients come to us frail, but often leave in a pleasant and satisfied state of mind.

New clients are pre-screened by a RN in order to establish their needs in a care plan. If you have any questions or would like to attend please schedule with us to allow us to plan for lunches and supplies for activities.