Complimenting Private Duty Home Care with Skilled Home Care

Wanda was living independently in her home, but needed help around the house. Her energy level was too low to get everything done since her heart condition started. Two weeks after she began receiving private duty home care, we had the house back in order, but she was having trouble with her legs swelling and with shortness of breath.

I spoke with Wanda’s doctor about her condition and he wrote her an order for skilled home care. She was able to have a skilled nurse visit her twice a week for about 6 weeks. Their bath aide also made 45minute visits two times a week. She appreciated the help, especially, when she found out Medicare paid for 100% of her skilled care.

The homemaking assistance provided by our non-skilled home care was a compliment to the skilled services she received. Our visits were scheduled opposite days and we were sure to reinforce the teaching provided by the nurse. At one point our aide saw that Wanda wasn’t feeling well and called to get the nurse to make an extra visit.

Together our services made the difference for Wanda. She was able to live in her home without having to move to an assisted living facility. We were able to get her additional help when her condition met the Medicare guidelines and she was happy to avoid going to the ER the morning she wasn’t feeling well.

Major medical insurance does not pay for our services. Clients most often pay for our service as they would for a housekeeper. At times, an auto insurance claim pays for our services, as well as, Long Term Care insurance with reimbursement possibilities. If you have any questions please call 877-743-4434. We would be happy to provide you with information and assistance.

Written by, Daniel Story, RN, CEO