You had to trust the Hospital and maybe a Nursing Home to help you get well again after an illness or injury. Now, you want to go home! It can be done in most circumstances if you are willing to get help. You can get yourself home before Monday.

“…make your return home as permanent as possible.”

Going home without a plan or without help could mean you end up right back where you came from. Making sure you are ready, means you have to give it a few days or at least a weekend. If things are in order you will make your return home as permanent as possible.

“Care N Assist will meet you where you are…” 

A tough discharge plan will take a caring and determined person to make it happen. Care N Assist has that philosophy. It is our experience and care that sets us apart. Care N Assist will meet you where you are to determine how much help is needed with your personal care and homemaking. We can assist those with weakness or other disability to perform daily activities and provide supervision and companionship for those with memory deficits. 

“Our services relieve the burden…”

 Our Care Team is able to provide in-home care 24 hours a day or just a few hours a few times a week. Remember that you’re in charge of our schedule and it can be changed to adjust to your changing needs. Your family or other support system can always be there to provide what they can while we are there to provide services to relieve the burden that they would otherwise carry. The important thing is that you are able to be home and the work that we do makes that possible.

“we work hard to keep our rates as low as possible.”

Our services are most often paid for privately. We will work with your Long Term Care insurance, Auto insurance and/or Veterans Benefits to bill and services that relate to those benefits. When doing this we will make calls, communicate with physicians, fax orders, and plan to review all needed paperwork. As a professional company we work hard to keep our rates as low as possible. That is why our lowest fee for services starts out at $14.00 per hour for homemaking and companionship.

 “medical insurance will pay for…”

 You will need other services at home besides those that Care N Assist can offer. You may need medical equipment like a wheel chair or a hospital bed. You may also need Skilled Home Care services like Physical Therapy or Nursing services for disease management. Your Medicare or other Medical insurance will pay for these services, so all you will need is to make a referral to the company of your choosing to obtain these things. Care N Assist can help with this process also.

Written by:  Daniel Story, RN, Owner