Fall begins with a slow dance of turning leaves. The colors of autumn crescendo into a flurry of vibrant reds, oranges and yellows. Living in Michigan creates an invitation to soak it all in. The colors, sounds, smells, and flavors.

Seniors can enjoy many of the fall color tour events. A simple car ride can give them a day to remember. A visit to a local apple orchard, or joining a Senior Center color tour could be a great idea.

Don’t let yourself or your senior friend say no to this opportunity. Take advantage of a warm afternoon. Even if vision is clouded, you can still smell the change in the air and taste the fruits of the orchards.

Make time to reminisce about the times you had as a child, or the times you took your children on tours. Walk, sit, or travel to a beautiful place that will transport you back in time. Sharing a day by the river and eating some apple cider donuts can be enough.

Plan ahead so your color tour plans don’t get cut off. Bathroom stops and meal times that fit with your medication regimen will keep the day enjoyable. Don’t forget that a in home care aide can join you for the day to provide necessary assistance along the way.