If you know and love baseball like I do, then you know that there are good calls and bad calls made every game. If we get caught up in the fuss of why or when each call was made it can get ugly. As a coach or a player I believe it is important to just make the best of what you are given.

Care N Assist intends to make the best of any and every referral we are given too. But I hope we can help you out by explaining what we like. Maybe even tell you what the perfect referral looks like.

First, it is important for you to be able to identify someone who would choose our services. This isn’t hard. Just think of your parents or grandparents. If they were ill or injured you would want someone to be there to help them. Do you know someone who lives alone and their family is out of state or is unavailable at times due to work or other schedules?

Second, explain to the client that you will have us call them. Giving a list of numbers to someone who is recovering from illness or injury can be overwhelming to them. A trusted referral will give them comfort. We will be quick to follow up with the client and/or their advocate and let you know the result. A free informational visit can be made to further explain our services 

Third, refer someone to us that is willing to spend money on the goal of staying home. They do not have to be wealthy; in fact, a majority of our clients are not. They just need to be committed to getting help. We believe we are the best-valued home care agency in all of our locations. Not just for our services, but for our willingness to help clients find and obtain other services as well.

Last, be available. We want you to give us any information or advice that you have. It is impossible to know a client and all of their concerns or quirks in a moment. We rely on our referral sources to help us start off strong.

So, the perfect referral looks like this; a phone call, fax or email to our office with details needed to contact a client that you have already told we are calling. The perfect client for us would be someone that wants to stay home. They may need help as little as a two hours three or four days a week or as much as 24 hours a daily. Image