As the CEO of a small business I often run in to people who inspire me. Kirk Golden is the administrator for our Davison office and he definitely has that quality. Past the tough look and the quick wit lays a heart of gold… pun intended. These are a few bits of wisdom he would like to share with us all this month.

Keys to Effective Leadership!

1. The team improves right after the leader does. The speed of your business is a direct reflection of your leadership! So the question you must ask yourself is what am I doing to grow my leadership?

2. It’s very true that if you train your team, some will leave.

Training can be expensive and it never seems to be finished. Sometimes you’ll spend time, energy, and money grooming team members only to have them leave you. This is a far better scenario than not training your people and having them stay.

3. Motivation remains a mystery to many leaders. Aristotle said it first. Later, Sigmund Freud

published his famous “Pain/Pleasure Principle”, which states that two basic things motivate people: a) The anticipation of pleasure and b) The avoidance of pain. Strong leaders use both hot and cold water to motivate and as usual, the magic is in the details.

4. Leaders should not always solve problems; they should empower teammates to think through process.

When a leader becomes known as a “fixer,” the team stops trying to solve its own problems and brings all its issues to the leader.

5. A leader must have the ability to speak and motivate people!

Sure, we like leaders who can compose well-written memos. Yes, it’s important for leaders to be able to manage numbers. But the ability to think and speak on your feet can make or break a career.

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