I met a family a couple weeks ago that was in the middle of making this decision. The daughter was wearing thin caring for her mother who herself did not believe anything was wrong.

“I fell because I made a bad decision to climb the ladder,” she said, “It won’t happen again.” Her daughter was holding her head in her hands with horror painted across her face. This wasn’t the first time her mother had made a “bad” decision.

It would be nice if the answer to living at home was obvious every time. Many times it is not obvious, and our best efforts still lead to more questions. There are a few yes or no questions that you can ask yourself to help make your decision.

  • Is the home in good repair?
  • Can nutritious meals be prepared or delivered daily?
  • Can personal hygiene be managed with relative safety?
  • Can the house be modified to be physically safe?
  • Is it cost effective to hire In Home Care help when needed?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then it is time to talk about your options. Living at home may not be your best choice. It may be necessary to move to a Senior Living, Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing Facility. These places often provide care 24 hours a day and can meet your need for reminders, meals and housekeeping.

If you think your no’s can be turned into a yes with a little planning and hiring the right people please give us a call. Our In-Home Care team is looking for opportunities. We want to help you manage the process of home repairs or planning for transportation. It is our pleasure to share our resources with you.

Avoiding potential problems, like falls or medication errors, can be helped by hiring an in home care aide from a qualified agency like ours. Avoid the trouble of managing these difficult times on your own. Use our years of experience to make your desire of living at home possible.