Since the cold and flu season is here, people need to pay attention to their bodies. Runny noses, hacking coughs, and muscle aches should be enough to slow you down, but don’t wait till they get out of control. Proper rest is essential to a quick recovery.

Keith Veselik, MD says, “If you aren’t feeling well, but still want to be active, lower your expectations about what you can do. You don’t necessarily need to be in bed all day, but you can’t expect to have the same level of energy as you would if you weren’t sick.”

Have you ever said to yourself, “Why am I so tired, I haven’t done anything all day?” Well, your body needs more energy when fighting an illness. It is forced to work harder just to maintain its normal functions of eating, breathing, and motoring around.

Slowing down when you notice the signs and symptoms of sickness can give your body the edge it needs to recover quickly. It can also be preventative if you stay home instead of going out. Other people will certainly appreciate not catching your germs.

Of course, rest is not always easy to do. Here at Care N Assist we make resting possible for our clients. We manage the housekeeping, errands and meal preparation. With your directions we can keep your house in order while you spend your energy healing. We can even help with your personal care until you have recovered.

Written by, Daniel Story, RN