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This story starts in Oklahoma with a man and a business plan. It was at a time when Dan’s family was suffering financially. Working a stable job as a Home Health Care, RN bills were paid. As many of you may understand, with a young family, there’s always expenses that amount from the “unexpected”: A car problem here, a healthcare issue there, and boom you’re behind.

During this time, he routinely discharged Skilled Home Care patients from services at the end of their Medicare period that still needed Personal Care support. He had worked with a few small private agencies that did this work; but too often, they didn’t do well or they cost more than the client could afford; identifying this problem got him to thinking. And, in 2002, humbly on his home computer, the process began birthing the Care N Assist Plan.

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Care N Assist | Lansing

hone: 517-449-0663
fax: 989-743-4234