snow-pics-22-2-KB-600x391Well it’s that time of the year! As the weather turns cold and the snow starts to fly, we all must take some precautions to insure safety during our daily commutes.

Take your time. When I was young it seemed I was always in a hurry. So when the roads got bad, common sense said to slow down. But of course that never happened. Most of the time it was jump in the car, scrap just enough of the window and I was off and running. So please take my advice and give yourself enough time to prepare your vehicle. Here are some things to check.

Check Tires – Damaged tires are no matches for sleek, slippery roads.  Remember to check the air pressure in your tires before and during winter months.

Check Fluids –Maintaining proper fluid levels is critical to keeping your car working properly during the winter. Especially your windshield washer fluid since visibility can become a problem on wet winter roads.

Be Prepared – Winter can come fast, so don’t wait for the first snow fall to put the ice scraper and snow shovel in the car. Put together an emergency kit. Emergency kits should include a small first-aid kit, flashlight, blanket, gloves, road flares and cell phone or another communication device.

Remember where ever you are, its your responsibility to be prepared!

Written by, Kirk Golden II