Looking at the New Year, my first thought was… Where did 2014 go. Time seems to fly more and more the older I get. I was warned that this would happen.

My grandfather was the first to tell me this. Of course, he also complained that it is not just time, but everything keeps moving faster and faster. Cars drive faster, and computers process information faster. We even blend food in a blender faster.

We cannot stop the progress of life. Things that we think are permanent often change. Other things that we think will never last seem to find a way to fit in. The following are a few things that I found while reading other blogs that I found interesting and new.

First, engineers in China have developed a coating that helps cotton shed stains and eliminate odor-producing bacteria. To activate this self-cleaning property you will just need to step out into the sun.

Second, instead of using animals for testing drugs, an “organ chip” will be used. The computer chip features channels that house living kidney or lung cells and simulates blood and oxygen flow allowing scientists to mirror the actions of real organs.

Last, the isoprene needed for rubber production can now be obtained as a byproduct of E. Coli bacteria microbes. Prototypes of these bio-isoprene tires are already being created.

Some things will probably not change in the next 100 years. A few of those things on my list would be; duct tape, the qwerty key pad, or coffee. Values or virtues like honesty and dependability will be sure to last as well.

I know that some things at Care N Assist will not change, like caring being more than kindness. But any one who knows me well can tell you that change is something I am always considering. I will reconsider a process or policy almost as often as the process is used.

Our work needs to be current and using best practices for meeting our client’s needs is of utmost value. Simplifying complicated tasks or adding steps to be able to confirm the delivery of service will always be on my mind. I want our clients to be able to expect us to help them achieve the goal of living at home.