You don’t want to leave your home! It is the place memories were made, your children grew and life has been lived. You don’t want to leave your home just to be safe, but almost every home built more than twenty years ago presents problems for seniors. I believe it is possible to make a few simple changes that can be accomplished as a weekend project. Your home can be safe before Monday.

“a call system that allows you to get help…”

Your first focus should always be on your immediate safety. Without changing a thing in your home you can install a call system that allows you to get help by pushing a button that you wear around your neck or on your wrist. You will have someone that will answer and talk to you 24/7 who is trained to respond to emergencies. Our Bob 3600 unit has a $35 installation fee and a $29.95 monthly fee. We can have it installed before Monday if you call us today.

“make sure your paths are clear…”

Next you should consider making changes in the high traffic areas. Remove throw rugs from hallways and entryways that will trip you up. You should have a young family member re-arrange furniture to make sure your paths are clear in the bedroom and the living room. It is also smart to eliminate extra furniture or electrical cords running across walk ways. Consider giving the large armoire to a grandchild, or donating the extra living room end table and lamp to a friend.

“Take 30 minutes to install at least two…”

The bathroom is the number one place where accidents happen and in most homes it is the smallest, most difficult room to maneuver in. If your children have already moved out, privacy should not be an issue, so I always suggest removing the door and door jam. This will allow for an extra four inches of clearance into the room for walkers and wheelchairs. The commode can be replaced with a taller, longer commode, or you can add a stool riser to your existing commode. There are several makes and models to choose from.  Some have handlebars and others fit narrow or wide base commodes.  Last consider grab bars. They can make getting on and off the commode safer, as well as navigating around in the tub or shower. Take 30 minutes to install at least two 18inch bars in strategic places in your bathroom.

“can also be done in a weekend…”

Bigger projects like moving laundry facilities to an up stairs extra room or building a two inch platform for your favorite lounge chair can also be done in a weekend, but require some planning. Planning ahead will prevent minor mishaps that change the course of your life. Put some time in your schedule to discuss with family or friends what your wishes are about where you live. Resources are available to make living at home safe, just give us a call at 877-743-4434 for more information. We will be glad to help you to obtain services that will have your home safe before Monday.

Written by:  Daniel Story, RN