When we shop for anything we are looking for the best value. Give me a bargain or give me something valuable, I say. But how do we view the value of what an In Home Care agency provides.

We are essentially becoming a concierge service. No longer providing just personal care or homemaking we have to see the need and meet the need with elegance and skill. As this type of demand has grown, we at Care N Assist have decided to create a programmatic structure for meeting this extended need.

Instead of flying by the seat of our pants daily… We want to carefully plan and distribute responsibilities. We want to be able to keep track of our client needs without over extending ourselves. Exclusive Care with Concierge Services was born from this and is now available to those who will request it.

Like any concierge we realize that ringing the bell for services needs to be simple. For this we have added an Emergency Alert system for every Exclusive Care client free of charge. They will just push a button and have our agency notified of the need at hand.

Our health and wellness program and risk management programs are designed to keep on top of a clients health conditions and treatments as well as prevent the likeliness of them being neglected or abused due to their personal state.

For our Exclusive Care clients who are not comfortable with giving a Home Care Aide a credit card for handling errands, we will pay for errands, based on a budget, and bill for them on a detailed invoice.

Reducing your risk and improving our service is the name of the game. You will have little to fear when our services are in place. Exclusive Care will create an open and transparent relationship between a client, their family and our service. Let our best and brightest meet your needs.