The HomeJoy Story Begins…

This story starts in Oklahoma with a man and a business plan. It was at a time when Dan’s, our founder, family was suffering financially. Working a stable job as a Home Health Care, RN bills were paid. As many of you may understand, with a young family, there’s always expenses that amount from the “unexpected”: A car problem here, a healthcare issue there, and boom you’re behind.

During this time, he routinely discharged Skilled Home Care patients from services at the end of their Medicare period that still needed Personal Care support. He had worked with a few small private agencies that did this work; but too often, they didn’t do well or they cost more than the client could afford; identifying this problem got him to thinking. And, in 2002, humbly on his home computer, the process began birthing the Care N Assist Plan.

The Story Unfolds…

In 2005, in Corunna, Michigan, Care N Assist took its first breath. Contacted by a daughter needing an aide to care for her mother who had severe dementia, this daughter was having knee surgery and couldn’t find another company which would meet their needs at a cost they could afford. This was our beginning and quite a learning experience.

Momentum Builds…

Over the next couple of years Care N Assist would grow, and in 2008, we opened our 2nd office about 40 miles east, in Davison, Michigan. Kirk Golden, brought energy and new opportunity to our team helping with marketing and human resources. Serving a larger area increased our ability to serve clients and families in need. Care N Assist became more than just a local small business.

And Builds…

In the same year, we acquired the care management of programs previously managed by, Memorial Healthcare Center, in Owosso. Following the acquisition, Valley Area Agency on Aging contacted us and asked us to expand our private duty services to provide Care Management, Adult Day Care, and Medication Management services for, Shiawassee County. Through this expansion, Stacey Zsigo, RN, joined our team and added her expertise in nursing and case management.

The Story Never Ends!

Fast forward two years to 2010, this was an eventful year for us. Care N Assist was nominated for the “Business of the Year” award in Corunna, MI. And as our Founder, Dan Story, moved his family to the west side of the state we opened a 3rd office in Portage, MI; finalizing the year with 14% growth and surpassing new milestones with gross revenue reaching over $1 million, for the first time!

We were honored with the “Medium-Sized Business of the Year” award the following year in, 2011, by the Shiawassee Regional Chamber of Commerce. It came as great surprise; but more so, it confirmed we had aspired beyond being a “Start-Up” company. Our company had become a team, a family, and a well-oiled machine! Our combined skill, care expertise, and heart to serve aided us to reach this milestone.

Expansion in our capacity, growth in our skill sets and expertise, and raising the bar of how CARE is defined; these, will be what carry us through the next!

We are, Care N Assist!

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