We have all gone to the doctor and heard the same things. “You need to quit smoking, exercise more, drink water, and loose 30 pounds.” The problem happens when you leave the office with new prescriptions or no prescriptions, but wish you could have gotten more from the doctor.

“what has happened to you…”

It is your doctor’s job to keep a complete record of your medical history and medications. When you arrive at the office the staff immediately begin the testing, measuring, recording and documenting process. Your concerns can easily get lost in the process. What your doctor needs from you is for you to be prepared. Prepared to answer their questions, but also prepared to give the most important information about what has happened to you in the last week, month or year.

“a list of things to talk about…”

Ask your self these simple questions before you make a list of things to talk to the doctor about. 1) Has your memory or mood changed? 2) Has your appetite or weight changed? 3) What specific symptoms are you experiencing? 4) Have you or do you want to change your medications?

“…medical treatment is still a practice”

If you answer these questions you will be able to give the doctor good information about what is concerning you. You then need to trust your doctor’s judgment. Much of medical treatment is still a practice, and your doctor needs to be able to prescribe and then later evaluate the success of their advice. 

“Your doctor will appreciate our attention to detail”

One of our Care Team members can go with you to your doctor’s appointments. We can make sure these and other questions are addressed. We will fill out a report and make sure your concerned family members get a copy. Your doctor will appreciate our attention to detail and you will get the help you need.

Daniel Story, RN