This summer, Care N Assist reaches 12 years in business. Summer is a great time to reminisce about all of the good times of the last year like establishing the Marshall office and launching a Lansing office. My favorite memories are centered around the times we were together as a team for meetings, lunches, trainings, and softball.

I remember Team Day in February 2017 when the management from all 5 offices met together in Kalamazoo. The newest version of our cultural values was unveiled. Designed to be a decision making model, it keeps our company’s goals and the focus of our elite processes in check. But just in case anyone forgot, the day was not all about sitting and learning. I still laugh as I think about CPR in an elevator, the potential client Glenn wouldn’t help, Stacey getting lost in the parking lot. Of course all of these things were part of an exercise to develop a sales strategy.

As winter broke and spring arrived in 2017, we have seen many clients come and go. It is wonderful to see so many of them recover and regain their independence, and it is equally wonderful to be the support service for others as they spend their last weeks on earth. We are halfway through the year and already we have provided care for over 400 clients.  

Now it is time to play another company wide softball game, East vs West. This will be our third annual game. As it stands West has one victory and East currently holds the trophy for winning last summer. All the competition and supposed bad umpire calls aside… I am looking forward to an energetic and fun Sunday afternoon at the end of August.

One last thought as our twelfth year comes to an end, Kirk Golden sent me a quote several years ago that says, “Business grows at the speed of leadership.” I don’t remember who he was quoting anymore, but I realize today that it is true. Care N Assist has grown, but more importantly, like a storm system that back builds before hurling all of its power to the earth we have been growing internally:  Cultural growth, training, and the strength of our team.

I remember very well the slow start which was as a second income for me, but is now a new unexpected career. The people that have entered my life through Care N Assist as employees, clients, or cohort have enriched my life. I look forward to the next year to see what this team can make happen.