As the weather is getting nicer, take a moment to think about the last time you or the senior person in your life was out of their home. Outings are good for the soul. They can make the winter blues go away. Getting out is good for the body as well. Breathing fresh air and walking more that 15 feet at a time stimulates all kinds of healthy benefits.

There are many simple pleasures that you may enjoy. A few ideas would include; going for a drive, go to a train depot and watch the trains, sit in a public place and watch children playing. Remember often times that planning the event is half the fun. Give your parent, friend or spouse time and opportunity to enjoy conversations about past outings while planning this one.

Consider the needs that you or your day trip partner may have. Nothing ruins a good outing like forgetting your medication or walking to far and being in pain for the rest of the day. Plan for meals for the diabetic person. Plan for stops for a person with a weak bladder or those needing to take medications mid-day.  Bring water, protect your self from the sun or wind, wear comfortable shoes and wear clothing in layers or bring a change of cloths.

The goal of this day trip is for it to be enjoyable. I want you to watch for mishaps or dangers, so spend some time planning what you will do. Talk about anything that has you feeling anxious. Old places and relationships will often spark memories and have you remembering things you long forgotten.

Care N Assist offers home health aides, which can participate with your plans. If you need someone to drive or to plan the entire event just call and we will be glad to discuss the details.

Other Ideas For Day Trips for Seniors!

  • Walk through a large store
  • Family support opportunities
  • Church group outings
  • Chess in the park
  • Volunteer Gardening
  • Window Shopping at Antique Shop