Social responsibility is a red hot subject in business circles right now. The culture we live in has been demanding transparency and a feel good experience from employers.

One of the biggest motivators for me to start my own business was related to the positive experience I wanted to create for my clients and employees. I get a feel good experience creating jobs and writing payroll checks. More recently my feel good experience has been related to our philanthropic activities.

As an example, we have been making contributions to Shiawassee Respite Volunteers of Shiawassee for about eight years. Though this organization provides a similar service as ours, we see it as an investment in our goal to see people living in their home. You can find more information about their organization at

Other organizations we have made donation too include; local schools yearbook or athletics, Alzheimer’s Association Walk, fireworks celebrations, domestic violence shelters, community partnerships, hospital foundations, etc.

This year we are doubling our commitment to invest in local causes. We are also pushing our employees to join our volunteer program. If you walk into our offices across the state you will see our TV’s showing a slide encouraging our employees to volunteer and to report their volunteerism. I believe our greatest asset is the great big hearts our employees have.

I look forward to reporting at the end of the year more about our success as a company to give back to our community as well as being able to motivate our staff to give time and talent to improve our communities.