I believe it is important for you to have a doctor, or more importantly to trust your doctor. It is true, we as Americans are shifting from a generation who honored those who were in positions of authority to a generation which questions authority. This may be good in some environments, but I believe your physician needs your 100% compliance in order to treat you successfully.  

My grandfather, rest his soul, took medication because his doctor told him to. Many of those pills he could not tell me why he took them, or what they were for. At one point, I remember counting thirteen different pills in his medi-set, but he lived over 20 years after his first open heart surgery. Success?!

I have heard clients tell stories of doctors refusing to treat them unless they quit taking vitamin supplements. The client didn’t understand the combination of interactions that the doctor was trying to prevent. His desire wasn’t to limit the client’s ability to get nutrition. It was to ensure health.

This is where this discussion can get dicey since there are many ways to look at this subject. Of course, I understand that doctors make mistakes, and it is important for a client to participate in their care. But it is even more important for a client to have a doctor that they can agree with and trust. This is the only climate in which a doctor can be successful and their clients can be healthy 

Written by,  Daniel Story, RN