When I walk into a new client’s home it can be easy for me to look around and think… “Same story, different house.” The story goes a little like this. A relatively healthy person gets sick or has an injury. They hold out as long as possible before asking for help. When their needs exceed the limits of their available volunteer support they call us (or their caregiver calls us.)

When I go to meet with the client and their caregiver, I know that I am not a very important player in their story. They will grow much closer to their Home Care Aide, HCA, than they will to me. A few of them will realize that they are talking to the company owner and appear to give me their respect for gracing their home. Others will ask questions like… “Why are you seeing clients?” I can only say, “Its what makes me happy.”

It is really not about me though. I offer my expertise. I know how to ask questions and how to solve many of their problems, but once this is done it will be other hands who will guide them and care for them in their life story.

Our Staff Coordinator will use our HomeJoy™ Connects system to find the appropriate HCA. Our Office Manager or Administrator will agree or disagree and call the best possible HCA in to discuss the client’s needs. An introduction will be arranged under the best circumstances and the HCA will meet the client for the first time. First impressions being what they are… we hope everything will go well and we have inserted a great supporting character into the life story of our client.

A really good HCA knows that they are also playing a supporting role in a client’s life story. A few of them think that they should be the hero, but the best HCA’s have a way of making their client’s feel like they are the main character and hero in their own story. The client’s ability to find a happy ending should be the result of calling on us to help them to rise to the challenge of this chapter in their life.