It’s the perfect blend of in-home care and personal attention that you or your loved one deserves

HomeJoy has been reliable in providing staff and also good in communication if there would be a problem.”  ~ N. A.

HomeJoy™ Connects

A Unique Approach to Providing In-Home Care Services

It is our desire that you, as our client, are connected. Connected with the care and support that you need. This means getting personal. How do we make our care personal to you? We do it by making our care about you. 

It’s a two-fold strategy. 

First, our clients are more than the injury or illness that they are dealing with. Using our HomeJoy™ Connects system, we screen for detailed information which is used to assign the Home Care Aide. You can be sure that every effort is made to match your desired activity with a worker that will support that goal. 

Many In-Home Care agencies use computer programs to select workers for their clients. Our system includes technology but is truly unique. It emphasizes more than location or training that a computer can recognize. We screen for 5 traits that can be matched between the client and the Home Care Aide.

This system has improved our rate of successful matches and comes with a commitment to satisfaction. This means we will revisit this process and train and/or reassign staff to satisfy our client. 

Why Use an Agency?

There are four reasons to use an agency for In-Home Care

1. We do background checks, reference checks and provide training.

2. We supervise our employees to improve follow through on instruction.

3. Our insurances cover your liability so you have nothing to worry about. 

4. We have back up plans for call-ins for sickness and vacations. 

Caring Is More Than Kindness

This core value comes from an experience our owner, Daniel Story, had right after college. As much as he wanted to show kindness to an ER patient needing an IV started, he realized he was not prepared, educated and skilled to handle it at that moment.

This is where the idea “Caring means more than kindness” comes from. It means being educated to answer questions and meet needs. It means having aides trained and skilled to meet the needs of our clients. It means being prepared for our client’s unpredictable lives.

Hiring HomeJoy™ means you will gain a team of truly caring people.