RE: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Safety Plan

Dear Community

HomeJoy would like to express our concern for the current state of emergency which has been
reported about the coronavirus.

Although the precautions used to prevent the spread of coronavirus are the same as all other
respiratory illnesses, we want to pay special attention to our efforts during this state of
emergency. As such, the precautions will be observed with the strictest possible measures.

  • Handwashing
  • Using personal protective equipment like gloves and facemasks
  • Avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Cleaning all high-touch surfaces during every visit

We are committed to monitoring our employees and clients. Anyone who exhibits symptoms of
fever or respiratory illness will be expected to seclude themselves. Clients who are at “High
Risk” and showing symptoms will be cared for by staff who are capable of observing universal

Our response to this epidemic is directly related to our core values. First, caring means we will
work with grace, integrity, and skill to protect our employees and clients. Second, safety
motivates us to produce quality in our work. Third, we manage our numbers, but at this time it is
important to say the value we put on our number of employees and clients outweighs the value
we put on our finances. And last, a sense of community motivates us to serve the needs of

Best Wishes,

Daniel Story, RN, Founder
HomeJoy Homecare