It’s no surprise when we hear from friends or family, “Oh, I could never do that.” We realize that the work we do is time consuming and at times heart wrenching.

One employee that has been on staff for just over a year now has shown that he is up to the task. His heart, meaning his level of compassion for the clients we care for, is BIG. A famous quote from him is, “I’ve been thinking…” This usually is followed by a concern for an employee or a client.

The person I am speaking of is, Glenn Sizemore. Glenn has his Bachelor’s Degree in business management from Baker College. He previously worked as a truck driver and as a manager for the Shiawassee Juvenile Detention Center before it closed.

If asked what are the most important things in his life, he would say his family.  He is married to Tracey and has 5 boys. They live in Corunna, where Glenn volunteers as a baseball and hockey coach.

Glenn’s responsibilities with Care N Assist have him scheduling the care of approximately 40 clients with 60+ home health aides.  Approximately 1,000 hours of work each week is accomplished under his management. He is also responsible for payroll management for 90+ employees, company wide.

Thank you, Glenn, for your hard work and for caring as much as you do!