This is the time we break out all the family recipes. Talk and taste them all in our imagination as we flip though the pages of a cookbook.  Take time to read the ingredients. Note that cinnamon is good for digestion. Lemon is good for the liver.  Squash, pumpkin and carrots have Vitamin A and are good for the eyes.

Don’t eat to satisfy your stomach. Look for foods that satisfy your taste. Filling your stomach was how you survived adolescence. Now it is time to slow down, taste your food, and converse with family and friends.

The best thing you can begin to do for yourself is to drink plenty of water. Fluids in any form can improve your digestive health and your health in general. Taste your water. Try filtering or adding lemon juice to improve its appeal. Don’t worry about measuring. Just think of all the things you can fill your glass with to enjoy.

Eating too much or the wrong things will just lead to problems. Symptoms like fatigue, malaise, constipation or diarrhea are the most common. Other problems like gout, irritable bowel, and hypertension can result when you avoid sensibility.

Meal preparation does not have to be a lost art. As a care agency we look for home health aides that love to cook. It is the TLC that our clients often appreciate the most. Preparing meals on a day to day basis or ahead of time and placing them in the refrigerator in single portions can be a real help.