Most everybody knows at least one person, who calls them self a “Shut In”. You often feel sorry for their difficulty, but what they may really enjoy is something you could provide.

Here are seven ideas that could make the winter months easier;

  1. Add some romance to their life. Loving someone doesn’t cost anything or require travel. If they are not up to new relationships themselves then offer to help them rekindle and old one, or let them live vicariously though a young couple they know who are anticipating a proposal or maybe a baby. A loving relationship can bring so much joy.
  1. Plan to watch an old favorite movie. Enjoy a movie that has great characters, an exciting plot, and lines that you can use rehearse and repeat for the next month. Don’t fuss about the movie style if it is not your normal genre. Watch them watch the movie. Enjoy the expressions they make and talk about it later.
  1. Get things in order. Everyone has a room or a box that gets overlooked. Sometimes years go by, and we keep telling ourselves that we will get around to it. Plan a day to help your shut in friend to get to the bottom of one of those things. Don’t forget to ask them if they have their wishes in writing for end of life planning.
  1. Have a dinner party. Plan for a birthday or just a day of your choosing. Think about your “shut in’s” special diet needs. Look for menu items that will give them something to talk about. Even foods they typically don’t eat can be features at a “special” dinner. Keep in mind that nutrition and comfort are equally important.
  1. Get them out to a live performance. A concert or a play can be a great outing. Most all of the venues for events like this are handicap accessible now days. Plan the event around medications and bathroom breaks. It doesn’t have to be professional. Just a grand daughters band concert can be enough.
  1. A Health and Wellness program. I am not just talking about a diet or exercise. I am talking about any of the 50 different things that could be done to help their health and over all feeling of wellness. It could be a simple decision about taking or not taking a medication the doctor has recommended, or working out a plan to improve your sleep times.
  1. Talk about warmer times and plan for the summer! This one is simple, but powerful. Reminiscing about the events of the prior summer can pass time. Mind tricks like this can help us to maintain our sanity during snowy and icy weather. Being shut in can be difficult, but it is a little easier to deal with when we can see hope for nicer weather and clearer walkways.