Jennie was a client of Care N Assist. We first met at a nursing home five years ago. She was there due to a hip fracture and what was diagnosed as severe dementia. Her son wanted her to return home, since she had started to “wake up” as he would say.  When I asked her what caused her dementia to seemingly reverse she said, “I decided to live again.”

This woman had previously been put on hospice due to her decline in physical as well as mental condition. She had experience loss of mobility and was suffering. Her depression was severe and her forgetful and disconnected behavior led to her being given a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease. The truth was, she did not have Alzheimer’s, she was depressed.

We provided in home care for Jennie for the next three years. She had pizza Friday, she ate chocolate at midnight, we took her on day trips to see family, and best of all she spent her last days in the comfort of her home.

In the United States according to a 2006 study, “Depression has been diagnosed by a health care provider for approximately 15.1% of the adult population.” (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey)

Worse than the epidemic of depression is the fact that so many of our elders are written off as “senile” due to forgetful or disconnected behavior. Because of Jennie I no longer call depression dementia. I have a personal mission to relieve the suffering for the clients in our care.

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By, Daniel Story, RN