When I turned 16 my father took me to the Secretary of State. It was a very exciting day for me. When he squared up with me and said, ”Driving is a privilege,” I remember feeling stunned.

Driving is a big issue. For several people going for a drive or traveling is a common hobby. It becomes even more important when you need to get groceries, stop at the bank, or go to the post office.  What should you do when age seems to be getting in the way of your ability to drive?

Studies show advanced age does not indicate whether you can or cannot drive. Just because someone is 65 does not mean they should lose their license automatically. Although some studies show people older than 80 get into as many accidents as teenagers it is still necessary to take a driver, by driver approach.

For aged drivers the decision to stop driving should be their own decision. Recognizing that driving is a privilege will help to make a good choice. Remember, the issue is safety – both the driver and the other people on the road.

Decision making, coordination, vision, and hearing all play parts in being able to drive successfully. People of age that have difficulties in one or more of these areas may have family or friends that want to take the keys away. I suggest not making this more difficult that it has to be.

Just go for a ride. If after the drive you are not scared for your life and they are not nervous about who you will tell about the experience then you are fine. If not be honest, and take the keys.

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