Most everyone has strong feelings about facebook, twitter, or linked in. Some love them and use them frequently, and others wouldn’t sign up for an account for any reason. Few people have no opinion at all.

Worry about scams or identity theft is the number one reason for hating social media. These things do happen. It’s important to know not to click on links which you are not sure about, and just because a friend sent you something doesn’t mean that they didn’t click on a link that they shouldn’t have.

Craigslist and other sites have been used to lure people into places where crimes could be committed. It is awful to think about how many people are out there who have the worst intentions. Just knowing is a great way of protecting yourself though.

With all the worry it is possible to enjoy finding and connecting with friends. Sharing pictures and wishing for birthday cheer has definitely become easier for those who live away from friends and family. You can find time gets away as you are reading through lists of tweets and posts daily.

Social media can be a form of Technology Solutions for clients who are home bound also. It can be a link to a son or daughter for a homebound client. Video chat can be used to be sure a friend is taking the right medications. Or it can be a new way of keeping lists or giving reminders for someone that is slightly forgetful.

Internet etiquette has a different meaning for most everyone, but if you are going to “like” it. You need to get a few things right. First, don’t expect everyone to have the same interests that you have. Many people are online just to make money, and will be selling something, and not really be interested in friendship. Second, you shouldn’t give strangers your personal information. Be sure you are on a secure page when giving any information for purchases. Last, set you computers security settings to a level that will warn you before downloading or allowing information sharing between computers.

The internet will not go away, and people will always be looking for ways to connect with others. Using apps and other technology can help you live at home longer. Let us know if you have any questions about this technology.