A background check is one of the most important tools Care N Assist uses to make sure to find the very best workers. We know that there are several forms of backgrounds and rely on several resources in order to get the information we need.

There are two backgrounds that we are required to do to maintain our contracts with the Area Agency on Aging. The first is a free check from the sex offender’s list. The second check is from the State Police. The State of Michigan has a background check that has county data and state data for misdemeanors and felonies.

We do more than these minimum requirements because we find that they have weaknesses. The first difficulty lays with knowing that not all applicants have lived their entire life in Michigan. The second issue has to do with names and birthdates of applicants often times being similar.  We often have to do further research to prove accuracy. Third, we have found that backgrounds can be expunged. Last, some county data or Department of Human Services data like records related to child protective services does not populate to the state background.

We have to prove the character of our applicants before hiring them, so we use some detective skills to search for clues that will give us the information we need. A federal background check is done to check for fraud. Personal references are required and can be quite informative if the right questions are asked. Also we may speak with our network of friendly competition. Having all of our applicants go through training in-services will also prove their ability and interest in being professional home health aides.

It is a constantly shifting process for our management team to keep up with. It doesn’t end when someone is hired either. Constant attention is paid to the character and development of each person on staff with supervisory visits in client’s homes and evaluations in the office.

It is our goal for our clients to be able to trust and rely on each and every home health aide that works for us. We want to be known as a company that is professional.  This effort makes us a premier choice for those who are vulnerable to abuse.

Written by; Daniel Story, RN